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Magic Trick Deddy C

dismantle the secret trick in the master deddy

true or not but it looks really .. If you are the master's program menoton dedy Corbuzier time doing card tricks, but this is my opinion, dedy Corbuzier one who said it was only the speed of hand tricks.

Dedy said "the first card joker card" and open krtu behind closed cards "my hands melisa taro, the second card is a joker" open card behind a closed "I taro in hand, the third card is quen" while showing the card says "Your task is to find quen card, I put a reply like this "Put the cards on the top .. "quen card Where are you? clearly say on the donk," and if I move the top card to the bottom, where quen no? "at the bottom? dedi say" let's see, under a joker, a joker reply above under there? joker again, kl over there under a joker joker in the middle there? Quen, "not, amid a joker, too ..! Since I use 3 joker card" while interesting and show satu2 ..

Next search for joker card in the deck 3 .. Dedy do the same thing hasinya all quen card "because I use the card quen" while showing interesting satu2

The last 2 shows the dedication of the card and quen joker, and he asked an open reply card that the quen joker and the other card what card? Everyone must think joker cards because there are 2 and 1 quen joker, was once in the open busss .. Cards bearing the top 1. Then ask lg 2 cards held earlier, it turns out that gift cards are also turned into a logo top 1 all ..

Why is that? This is the speed of playing cards, Ni according to my predictions of the observations which I recorded the video .. Dedy Corbuzier actually have 3 different cards that joker, quen and top1 bearing krtu ..


3 card joker above in the open position, both in top1 card image above positions, a third card quen dalm closed position.

We show the card

Dedy said "the first card joker card" card krtu open and then closed behind, as close an existing card top1 go behind closed amid so on krtu top1 "I taro the hands" of the taro is krtu top1., The second Krtu real joker krtu The first opened earlier in the taro, and the third krtu .. quen Quen's Ditaro beratti above.

So the sequence becomes quen above, the joker in the middle, under krtu top1,

We played card tricks

Dedy said "I put a reply like this" Put the cards on the top .. "quen card Where are you?" quen card was indeed over,
Then dedy say again if the card placed on the bottom of what the card is below,. Why can joker card because when moving down krtu quen two or joker krtu go so dedy move down quen and 2 joker cards. So the sequence of cards top1, the two quen, the joker, subconsciously people think changing the card from a joker .. quen

Dedy said another "joker reply above under there? Joker card open again, why can joker?"

We pulled up a little card and then pull the card (joker) and the gift of (top1), and then reversed at the same time it will show joker, under krtu top1 joker card in the open position .. When closed krtu, both cards were also closed in the same position .. So above krtu top1 and krtu joker in the middle, which is why the show was also krtu will look joker card .. While interesting and show the joker card was placed under, so all such krtu joker cards when the joker 1kartu move ..
Then dedy say "Because I use 3 joker card" while interesting and show satu2 ..

As shown corbuzer dedy 1 individually, as you pull the card, the card is arrested and the bottom card is shown, must all telihatnya joker cards 1 cm whereas the most disclosed

That is why the card was never opened simultaneously at the game .. When playing cards the same as above quen cape jelasinya reply ngulangi again.

The last time ni why the card could turn all top1 card?

Dedy opened the 2nd joker card and quen, Dan1 card in the card 3 is that in krtu top1 Lay on the table to figure out what it was and opened 2 cards in the hands of joker cards and quen,. Dedy trying to attract the attention of all concerned that the unopened 1kartu who all thought that the card is a joker .. To attract perhatin dedy said "can see the camera? You could see the camera? You could see the camera?" he2 ga ampe 3x, automatic cameras and the audience see the enclosed card 1, while dedy left hand under the table. Dedy ga realized the camera was still a little highlight the left hand that carries 2 joker cards and quen .. Because dedy see the screen if the camera bener2 highlight that he appointed 1kartu .. Maybe aja dah under a card table top1 yang laen .. When the card is opened tertutp the hands top1've come out of the table .. And the directing was not the 2 cards and joker cards again but quen a card bearing the top1 .. Applause all ........

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