Rabu, 13 Januari 2010

bring a dead fly

Effect: You ask someone in the street to take a fly or a beetle die in the glass. You put the fly in his hand, a spell, and fly it back to life and flying.

Previously, these flies with bekukanlah put it in the freezer or dry ice (in a place to store ice cream, usually used as a picnic). Flies will be temporary coma and paralysis.

- After the flies frozen, immediately place it on the glass shade, so the fly does not melt too fast.

- Heat in your hands will help the fly to recover from kebekuannya. More advisable to suspend the fly with dry ice or aerosols, because in addition to more quickly react, physical damage suffered by the fly is also smaller.

- Applicable also for the beetles, dragonflies, and other small insects.

Note from Wikumagic: Well, I myself was quite surprised to learn this magic trick. Rather cruel .....

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