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ingin memiliki kemampuan sihir ? ini dia alat sulap paranormal yang ajaib, mungkin kita mengira kemampuan-kemampuan magic yang di buat oleh mereka hanya bisa dilakukan oleh orang tertentu, apalagi didukung dengan berbagai asumsi yang berkembang di masyarakat kita kalau menganggap hal-hal yang ajaib itu adalah klenik, kuasa alam gaib dsb. masyarakat kita jarang menggunakan kemampuan logika mereka ketika di hadapkan dengan hal-hal yang ajaib, sebetulnya kita semua dapat melakukan hal-hal yang sangat ajaib itu dengan trik sulap, ketika kita mengetahui caranya hal itu akan menjadi sangat mudah.

Paranormal dalam pandangan masyarakat sekarang ini adalah seseorang dengan kekuatan indera keenam untuk melihat sesuatu yang jauh ke depan. Namun ada orang-orang tertentu yang sanggup melakukan hal itu dan mampu melihat sesuatu yang tidak mampu dilihat oleh orang kebanyakan. "Orang-orang tertentu" inilah yang biasa disebut paranormal.
istilah "paranormal" sudah berkembang untuk merujuk pada "hal-hal yang bersifat klenik atau magic". Sebagai contoh "paranormalis" (orang yang mengaku paranormal).
namun sebetulnya kita bisa melakukan efek-efek kekuatan ajaib dengan menggunakan

alat sulap paranormal.

alat sulap ini bernama dragon touch dengan efek orang yang ada di depan kamu akan terasa terbakar bagian tubuh nya ketika kamu membakar sesuatu benda seperti boneka yang kamu pegang, kamu bisa memainkan dengan berbagai macam pertunjukan, kamu juga bisa menyisipkan cerita-cerita yang akan membuat pertunjukan sulap kamu jauh lebih keren, selalu gunakan imajinasi kamu untuk membuat keajaiban yang nyata.

alat sulap ini jarang orang yang memiliki jadi kamu tidak usah kwatir kalau orang yang akan kamu ajak bermain sudah tau rahasia dari alat sulap ini, untuk melakukan permainan ini juga sangat mudah dalam hal persiapanya, orang-orang di sekiling kamu akan terkejut dengan kemampuan yang kamu miliki.

kamu bisa mendapatkan alat sulap paranormal ini dengan harga istimewa kamu bisa mengakses di distributor alat sulap di indonesia tinggal klik aja. miliki sekarang juga.

kalau kamu ingin belajar hal-hal lain kamu bisa akses disini

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Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

magic trick Cool Psychic Card

The Magic Effect:

This magic trick with cards is set up as follows. 12 cards are placed face up on the table ( using any red and black cards from the deck ) in the same pattern you see in the diagram below here. You, the magician, tell someone to secretly pick any BLACK card. After telling them to make several secret random moves, you are able to tell them which card they have moved to.

The Magic Secret:

Tell your audience member to pick any black card. Tell them to next move UP or DOWN to the nearest RED card. Next, tell them to move LEFT or RIGHT to the nearest BLACK card. Next, tell them to move DIAGONALLY To the Nearest RED card. Finally, tell them to move UP or DOWN to the nearest BLACK card. If you follow these directions carefully, your audience member will always end up on the MIDDLE CARD ON THE BOTTOM ROW.

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Matching Sisters Card Trick

Effect: The two black queens find the two red queens by being put into the deck where the spectator freely wants to place them.

The Trick: Start by putting one red queen on top of the face down deck and the other red queen at the bottom both face down.

Next, give the two black queens to a spectator. Start dealing cards off the top of the deck, laying them in a face down pile on the table, until the spectator tells you to stop.

Have the spectator put the first black queen, face up, onto the pile on the table (these are the cards you have just counted face down) Then drop the remainder of the deck in your hand face down onto the black queen (so the only card facing up is the black queen)

Next, repeat the process above, having the spectator put in the other black queen, face up, and drop the remainder of the deck on top of the other black queen, again face down. Have the spectator cut the deck, and complete the cut.

Now announce that without any help from you the spectator was able to find the black queens sisters. Simply go to the face up black queens, take them out, and the cards immediately above each will of course be the red queens.

NOTES: You can very easily put the two red queens in place while you find the black ones right under their noses. As long as you don't make a big deal out of it no one will suspect a thing.

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Easy Coin Moves - Pull A Coin From Thin Air

Appear to pull coins from thin air with this easy to set up guide to one of the classic and most enjoyable basic moves of coin magic. This move is timeless and you will be able to perform an impressive coin production after following this easy guide.

Effect: Amazing audience reaction because even though it's clear your hand is empty, you appear to grab coin after coin from behind their ears, under tables, even from thin air!

You Will Need:1 coin
1 thin strip of scotch tape.
How To Do The Trick :
Photo shows coin attached to hand with a length of clear adhesive tape. The tape is very difficult for the audience to see, especially since your hand will be moving. TRICKS MAGIC.

1. Stick the coin to the back of your hand with a small piece of clear adhesive tape. This will let you palm the coin behind your hand very easily while the front of your hand faces the audience.

2. Begin with the coin hanging behind your hand. Hold your hand naturally so that no one will think that something is in it.

3. Find a place where you can reach out with your hand, putting it temporarily out of sight of the audience. For example, under a table, or behind their ear. Reach your hand out and when the hand is at an angle that is out of view of the audience, flip the coin up so you can grab it with your thumb, then bring your hand back into view. It will look like the coin came from nowhere!

4. Do this a few more times.

5. To create a good finish, reach out into the air and flip the coin up into your fingers. Don't do it too fast-- or the coin will come off the tape. This will look like you grabbed the coin out of thin air!

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In this clever trick, the magician appears to be able to tell the colour of every card with a magic diviner.

Effect: A pack of cards is thoroughly shuffled. The pack can even be given to the spectator to shuffle, if they desire. Once the pack has been thoroughly shuffled, the cards are then spread face down on the table. The magician is then able to point to any card and tell which colour of suit it belongs to i.e red or black.
Magic Card Diviner

In this clever trick, the magician appears to be able to tell the colour of every card with a magic diviner.

Effect: A pack of cards is thoroughly shuffled. The pack can even be given to the spectator to shuffle, if they desire. Once the pack has been thoroughly shuffled, the cards are then spread face down on the table. The magician is then able to point to any card and tell which colour of suit it belongs to i.e red or black.

Method: Before beginning this trick, you first separate all the red suited cards from the black suited ones. Put the red and black suited cards into two separate blocks.
Take the red suited block of cards and while holding the pack, face up, bend the cards up so that they form a slight arch. Then put them down and pick up the black suited pack.

Holding the black suited pack face down, bend the cards up towards you forming a slight arch. The two separate blocks of cards can then be put back together. The pack is now ready to be shuffled. After shuffling, spread the pack face down on the table and you can secretly tell the red and black cards apart as they have slight bends in them. i.e the red cards curl down slightly and the black cards curl up slightly. This will not usually be noticed by your audience. You can then proceed to identify the colour of each face down card.

Performance: Although this is a simple trick, it can be very entertaining and impressive with a little bit of patter and imagination from the magician. You can pretend to have a " magic divining rod " for instance and even continue to blah!, blah!, blah!, e.t.c. about the origin of the magic divining rod / card.

All you then need to do is hold a wand or even another playing card over the face down pack and make it vibrate slightly as it passes over your desired card.
And there you have it, with a little bit of patter, you have transformed an otherwise run of the mill card trick into an entertaining feat of magic. See the magic tips and hints page for other performance tips.

Bend the half packs of red andd black cards back and forward.When the two half packs are put back together, a small arch can be seen.

1) Bend red and black piles up and down. 2) Small arch can be seen when packs are brought back together.

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Effect: The magician asks the spectator whether he knows any card tricks. Whatever the spectator answers, the magician says "Well, heres a great trick, only YOU'RE going to perform it."

The spectator is handed a deck of cards and asked to hold them with the cards facing the magician, the backs towards himself. The magician picks a card, which the spectator removes and places on the table, never looking at it.

value of the selected card while the other reveals the suit.

Performance: This trick is actually not too difficult, but the effect is astonishing because the magician never actually handles the deck. The only real skills necessary are good verbal communications and misdirection.

After the spectator shuffles the deck, have him fan them in front of his face with the backs of the cards towards himself. Tell him to start fanning at the top of the deck and continue to the bottom. Meanwhile, you watch for the card that has the same value as the top card and the same suit as the card second from top

Note: If these two cards have the same value or the same suit, the trick won't work. In this case, ask the spectator whether he cut the cards. When he says no, tell him to cut the deck and start over again.

When you find that particular card, touch it and have him pull it out and place it on the table face down. Then tell him to think of a number and to count that many of into a neat pile on the table. (This puts the two pointer cards on the bottom of the pile.)

Have him discard the rest of the cards in his hands, pick up the pile on the table, and deal the cards alternately into two piles. (The two pointer cards are now on top of each of the new piles.) Remember that the last card he deals will show the value (ace, 2, 3, etc) of the selected card while the next-to-last card (the top one on the other pile) will show the suit.

Explain to the spectator that if he has been concentrating on the card on the table, he will have subconsciously picked two cards that will respectively reveal the value and suit of the card that you the magician have randomly selected. Flip the three cards to reveal that this is so.

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money earning trick

OK, I was kinda sick for the last 2-3 days, and that's why I haven't posted any new tricks (and why my previous trick wasn't so good). I will try to find you the newest and coolest tricks around, and not only the card ones. That's why with this trick, you will not only do magic, but can also earn you some money (depending on your victim's sense of humor and intelligence). All you need is some money, a friend with more money and a container/box (an empty box of matches will do just fine). Put 20$ (or any other amount, but don't push it) in a box, then ask your friend to give you the same amount of money which you will put in the box too. Now start telling him how there are $40 in the box and what can a man do with them...in other words: keep yapping . Now ask him if he would like to buy the box for a bargain of $30. If you played your part good, he won't suspect a thing and he will buy it. Now thank him, pack the money and get going...you just made $10. Just don't expect any favors from the guy in a while.

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How To Do Coin Tricks

Effect of magic trick : A hat or bag containing ten pennies ( quarters will do, just as well ) is passed to the audience. They are asked to examine the coins to confirm that the coins have different dates. A member of the audience is asked to choose a coin at random and pass this around for the other members to see. The coin is then placed back in the hat with the other coins and the hat is then presented to the magician. Eyes closed and appearing to be concentrating deeply, the magician puts his hand in the hat and retrieves the chosen coin. This is an impressive mind reading style routine.

Items Needed: 10 pennies or quarters with different dates on each, a hat or paper bag.

Secret: There is no secret setup. There is no force of which coin to chose. The magic trick is fairly simple if you think about it. As the coin is passed through the people's hands, it becomes warmer than the rest. So, all you have to do when you stick your hand into the hat is find the coin that is the warm one. A paper bag will do just as good as a hat.

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