Selasa, 19 Januari 2010

Easy Coin Moves - Pull A Coin From Thin Air

Appear to pull coins from thin air with this easy to set up guide to one of the classic and most enjoyable basic moves of coin magic. This move is timeless and you will be able to perform an impressive coin production after following this easy guide.

Effect: Amazing audience reaction because even though it's clear your hand is empty, you appear to grab coin after coin from behind their ears, under tables, even from thin air!

You Will Need:1 coin
1 thin strip of scotch tape.
How To Do The Trick :
Photo shows coin attached to hand with a length of clear adhesive tape. The tape is very difficult for the audience to see, especially since your hand will be moving. TRICKS MAGIC.

1. Stick the coin to the back of your hand with a small piece of clear adhesive tape. This will let you palm the coin behind your hand very easily while the front of your hand faces the audience.

2. Begin with the coin hanging behind your hand. Hold your hand naturally so that no one will think that something is in it.

3. Find a place where you can reach out with your hand, putting it temporarily out of sight of the audience. For example, under a table, or behind their ear. Reach your hand out and when the hand is at an angle that is out of view of the audience, flip the coin up so you can grab it with your thumb, then bring your hand back into view. It will look like the coin came from nowhere!

4. Do this a few more times.

5. To create a good finish, reach out into the air and flip the coin up into your fingers. Don't do it too fast-- or the coin will come off the tape. This will look like you grabbed the coin out of thin air!

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