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The evidence of the oldest documents
gives the impression of a magic show was found on papyrus sheets,
written in about 1700 years before Christ, which tells a
story of what happened at about 2600 years before Christ. Dedi,
a magician in Egypt called for entertaining King Cheops. Wrong
one of the ditunjukannya trick is to cut off the head of an animal
and return alive without injured at all.
By the King, Matthew was asked to repeat the tricknya
using prisoners or detainees. Dedi refused and made King
disappointed, but he repeated the trick again by using
a bull in its place.

Time sped by, not
many historical records that talk about magic tricks in the era
first. However Cups and balls trick is one of the tricks that
oldest. Egyptologis stated that there was a note on a painting
Old Egyptian tomb walls of Beni Hasan aged between 2500-2200
years before Christ. The painting depicts two people who
was playing with four cups. Cups and balls is a trick
a very old and still popular today.

the spread of Christianity, magic practices regarded as
devil worship and black magic. In 1258 Pope Alexander IV
prohibits all forms of magic. And every person who practiced
will be punished for being student of black magic devil. And this
making magic itself worse off.

In 1350 Marco
Polo saw magic in China. This news spread throughout the world.
Magic began to appear in various places around the world.

Over the centuries
middle of the street magicians still practice magic in the presence of
people. The usual tricks at the beginning of the 14th century coin tricks
and cards, cut the rope and connect again, and tricks to separate
the human body and put them together again. Still, the art of magic

In 1584 Reginald Scot, a judge
local from UK, wrote a book exposing the contents
magic as much detail as possible, explain the methods of magic tricks.
This is a book about magic for the first time in
history. With this book Reginald Scot managed to separate the magic
with black magic.

Since the 18th century magic into a
form a very popular show. Isaac Fawkes (1675-1731)
a person who popularized the magic in the UK. Either
of greatness is the trick apple trees that grow, bloom &
bear fruit in less than a minute. He became
very famous and made a fortune until his death.

Pinetti (1750 -1800), born in Italy, is another figure who also
important in the history of magic. Once tenarnya until she was often asked
performed for the royal family. But in 1783, when he was
performed in Paris, Henri Decremps, a legal expert
which is also an amateur magician, magic methods Pinetti disassemble the
a book. Ironically this makes it more Pinetti
fame, even more popular than ever. In 1784, he
performed at the Haymarket Theater, London, an event that
very important because it is the beginning of the displacement of the magic arts
street fairs and festival to be theater. This
is an inspiration for the next generation of magicians.

Henry Anderson (1814 -1874) is a magician of Scotland, which often
referred to as The Wizard of the North. He successfully penetrated the European,
America and Australia. Even ahead of Harry Houdini, magician
The most famous in the publication. Anderson is known as
the tools are very large & is made of solid silver. He
had become rich, but eventually lost all wealth after
theater where he performed burned to the ground and makes him

Since then people know magic as a
form of performance art. The popularity of the magic world continues to
the next century. In fact, many emerging great magician-juggler. In
this period there has been no television show. Magic is one
a form of live performances which are very popular and generate
public enthusiasm wherever they perform.

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