Minggu, 17 Januari 2010

3 objects prediction

3 objects prediction

we have someone prepare the body for example 3:

1. Hp

2. matches

3. wallet

send him random object are parallel in the sense:

1._ _, _ 2._, 3._ _

like the above free items were randomized and then we said we would not see the object

OK now you lift lighter taroh one step to the left if there are no objects on the left then just let sit, and lift again to the right taroh purse to the right step if there is no object then let stand alone, well now the last place you lift Hp dikiri step if the left does not there are things so quiet it was ... now you save the most dikantong right thing and the rest of you
simpen where up afterwards you can see that we invite to play or go to cover our eyes and say to my audience had not seen and do not know what objects you slide and hold the tp well somehow I told you won a thing because I think it your pocket is a "DOMPET" the person we are going to play a face because innards actually bagged wallet

please try to read her answers are so true

note: innards used to play free

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