Senin, 09 November 2009

The win magician

Effects: You can win bets randomly chosen by the audience.


1. Create cards numbered 1-15. Beneath the odd numbered card, make writing LOSE. Behind the even-numbered cards, make written WIN.

2. Create 4 other cards bearing the number "1", "2", "4", and "8". Put on the board / table, in the closed position.

3. Prepare 3 sign "+" (plus) and 3 sign "-" (minus). Enter into the container.


1. Explain that in a game, there's always the possibility 2, that is "winning" and "losing". However, this rule does not apply to the magician. Magician will always win, while those who oppose them will always lose. You will prove this by calling an audience climbed onto the platform.

2. Show the audience numbered 1-15 card you created earlier. Tell that behind these cards, the words "WIN" and "LOSE". If the audience managed to take the card with the words "WIN", then the theory that you say in front had to be wrong.

3. Tell the audience that reads the card randomize numbers (1, 2, 4, and 8). After that, open the card. For example, generate the sequence
4 2 8 1

4. Ask the volunteers to take 3 cards (the "+" and "-") from the container. Let him put one of each card is among the arrangement of the figures earlier. There should be a sign next to one number. Let the spectator take the card "+", "+", and "-". He could make a combination of 4-2 +8 +1.

5. Let him add up the numbers on the board. No results minus. If the result is a minus (eg 4-2-1-8 = -11), ignore it minusnya signs, and use positive numbers. Surely the result is always odd.

6. Ask him to take a 1-15 numbered card in accordance with a sum of points obtained in the number 5. Remember that the spectators had taken the card in accordance with their own desires without any manipulation. Let him turn the card, and certainly his writing "LOSE".

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