Senin, 09 November 2009

Division super fast with the number 7

Effects: You can do the division with the number 7 with a very fast

1. Call a spectator climbed onto the platform. Ask him to write a 9-digit number. Suppose 623546732

2. Say, that number is still too easy. Ask the volunteers to write again the same number, so that now there are 18-digit number. In this case 623546732623546732.

3. Explain that the number 7 is a very magical number and closely associated with mystery workers. Eighteen written digit number of the volunteers had absolutely nothing to do with numbers
7. Say, that with great speed, you can change the 18 digit number into the appropriate number divisible by 7 (with no commas at all).

4. All you have to do is cross out the number to 2 and 11, and replaced it with the number 7. In this case, the number become 673546732673546732.

5. Ask the volunteers to share these numbers with the number 7 (With the help of a calculator). Surely the result is a whole number without commas. In this case 673546732673546732: 7 = 96220961810506676.

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