Senin, 09 November 2009

Number and Book magic


You can guess a word from a dictionary / book based on a number chosen at random.


Take a blank piece of paper 12. Fold the paper into 2, and on each side of each paper, write the numbers 2 fruit when aggregated 145 results. Suppose that in a paper with the numbers 81 and 64, in the second paper bearing the numbers 1 and 144, and so on. Try the numbers written on each paper is different.
Prepare also a few books thick enough for this trick.


1. Ask the spectator to take one of the books you are prepared. Take the selected book of the volunteers. While doing so, peer and memorize words on page 4, Line-3, number 5 from the left.

2. Show me the paper with the numbers that you have prepared. Show that the numbers in each different from one another paper.

3. Ask the audience to take three people each have a paper that you prepared.

4. Ask the audience add up the numbers on the third paper. In order not easily predictable, tell the audience the number on the paper one by one (two at the same time indirectly) in a random order. It must be the result 435 (obtained from 145 x 3)

5. Explain that the total number obtained from such sum representing the word to be searched by the audience of the book have been chosen, with the rules:

- The first digit (4) indicates the page
- The second digit (3) shows the number of rows from the top
- The third digit (5) shows the number of words left

Thus, viewers have to find a word that is on page 4, row 3, number 5 from the left, your words have been memorized.

6. Stand some distance away from the audience. Give him a pen and paper, while you also hold the markers and paper. In the same time, write the word in the book. Do it in a way as if you read the mind / body language of the audience.

Prediction cubes

Effects: You can guess the value of 3 dice that is thrown by a volunteer


1. Call one of the volunteers climbed onto the platform. Give him 3 pieces of dice. Turn your back, if necessary use a blind eye.

2. Tell the volunteers tossed the dice are 3 pieces, and look at the numbers that appear. Suppose that 2, 6, and 1.

3. Ask the volunteers to multiply 2 numbers on the dice first. Add 5, then multiply by 5. In this example, 2x2 = 4, 4 +5 = 9, 9x5 = 45.

4. Add the number of points obtained in 3 numbers from the numbers that appear on the second dice. Then multiply the result by 10. In this case 45 +6 = 51, 51 x 10 = 510

5. Add the figures obtained in point number 4 with the numbers appearing on three dice. In this case 1 = 510 + 511. Ask the volunteers informed on the outcome of this points to the 5 numbers you.

6. To find the number that appears on all three dice, subtract the number that appears on the point number 5 with 250. In this example, 511 to 250 = 261. Means the number at the first dice is 2, number 6 on the second dice, and dice the numbers in the third 1.

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