Senin, 09 November 2009

Romantice year prediction

Effects: You are able to predict the year when the couple first met.


1. Call a couple who are married up to the stage.

2. Ask her husband to write the year when he married his wife (eg 1995), and told her to put the year into a container, without being seen by you.

3. Ask the wife to write in the first time she met her husband (eg 1989). Ask the wife really concentrate, because it is the year you would guess. Have also put in his wife that he wrote into a container.

4. Ask her husband to write the age of their current marriage. In this example, if he married in 1995, the age of marriage: 2009-1995 = 14 years. Ask again he put these numbers into the container.

5. Call the other volunteers. Let him add up the three numbers in the container (in this case, 1995 +1989 +14 = 3998) and get back to you.

6. Say, you can guess the first year the second time the couple met, through the figures just mentioned, because the numbers have a strong magical powers. Guess the first year for the second time the couple met, reduce the heart rate mentioned in point number 5 in the current year. In this case, 3998-2009 = 1989.

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