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You are able to predict which name will be taken / chosen by the audience.
1. Prepare a black bag (which has 2 sides / 2 room, can have the same dibuatin tailor ko ...)

2. Prepare 8 cards numbered from 1-8. Then behind the papers, tulisi with names of famous people or historical figures. Example:
- Reversed no.1, write the name of Aristotle (one of the world)
- Behind no.2, write the name of Neil Armstrong (astronaut who landed on the moon)
- Reversed no.3, write the name of Candela (apherteid political eraser in Africa)
- Reversed no.4, write the name of Michael Jackson (singer legedaris)
- Reversed no.5, write the name of Sukarno (Indonesia's first president)
- Reversed no.6, write the name of Mohammed Atta (one of 11 terrorist attacks in the United Septmber 2001)
- Reversed No.7, write the name of Harry Houdini (Magician legendary)
- Reversed no.8, write the name of Mother Kartini (Inndonesia hero)

3. Prepare a written reply 8 of paper numbers 1-8, and 8 papers that have been inscribed with the number 6 all, and put / hide 8 paper containing all 6 numbers into the black bag (1 room)

4. Prepare your prediction in the envelope, which reads "Mohammed Atta"

1. Show the audience that you have a paper containing 8 different numbers (1-8). Then show also that you have an empty black bag (which we had previously been content with 8 sheets of paper containing the number 6 reply all in the secret 1/ruang). Show 8kartu also the name of the person behind it betuliskan different reply. Introduce also the names of the tsb.

2. Then enter the reply reads the paper eighth digits 1-8 into the bag (2 rooms).
And you said a few words to the audience. Tell me that we must have the experience or memories, good memories and memories buruk.Seperti Americans have bad memories wrote on September 11, 2001, when the terrorists break down the building in America.

3. Call a spectator to take the paper in the bag at random. But before that first asked whether he had a bad memory? Ji yes, then tell her, "Think of an experience that might never make you disappointed, sad, angry, hurt (and so on), insulted people, marginalized people, humiliated people or other experiences that make you feel miserable .." ( others may be substituted)

4. If so, then tell me again, "Now, feeling again the uncomfortable feeling it, feel ... feel ... .. Multiply those feelings, and they will remove the negative energy to take one paper in this black bag .."
At that time, you open a space 1 (secret room).

5. After the crowd took 1kertas, told her to open it and would read the number "6".
You then open the no.6 card and turned it bertuiskan name "Mohammed Atta".

6. And finally, open your prediction about in the envelope: "Mohammed Atta"
Tell the audience that negative energy has led him to choose no.6 (Mohammed Atta).

Meaning the game:
"Actually, this life is a choice, and God gives us the freedom to choose whether to be good or evil. Who then become useful for others so that when we are gone, our names can be remembered as a good person, and not as a bad person. "

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