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Tell your audience, do you remember when Dedi Corbuzier horrendous Indonesia in 2003 with the attractions of the hedline named prediction?
Prediction was in suspension at 4-meter-high pole in the parking lot east Senayan and predicted that in the case by the police for 24 hours for 7 consecutive days.
After waiting for a week, predicted that even in the open .... And the result was 100% the same as what appeared in Kompas daily on that day.
Unbelievable. . .
I'll tell you how to imitate him in a small scale, the easier and more can be played anytime and anywhere. Somewhat different, indeed. But similar.
Newspapers: Newspapers whatever
Scissors: try a sharp
A sheet of paper: a business white paper
Envelope: Any color may be important if the written word "prediction" must be clear.
Glue: use paper glue
Markers: select markers that clearly say black color.

Before you play, cut a piece of news columns from one newspaper page. And on top of a sheet of paper, write the last words (which is at the bottom) which is in the column and store the paper in the envelope. Lemlah amlopnya and write on it: prediction.

How to play:

If you're ready and have found the volunteers to accompany you to play, he gave the envelope to grasp. Say that it is the envelope containing your predictions and ask him to save it. Then, tell him to back down in his chair and you have to go back on stage when you play on stage. If not, you need to walk away from the audience. This is important. I'll explain why.

Now, hold the pieces of newspaper column upside down. Yeah, right! You did not misread.

Hold it upside down.

If you notice, now that you write it are the words that were on the top piece of the column, because these columns are now upside down.
Tell the audience that you will cut off part of the column and place up to the audience. Slowly, move the scissors from the bottom up on the news piece, and ask the audience to say "STOP" on the go. And, if not satisfied, the audience may request a change setopnya place anywhere.

Wherever the audience to ask you to stop, cut in sections so that the pieces of newspaper columns and split in two pieces which fell to the floor below. Leave it alone if necessary, dispose of that piece.

At this point in the visible to the audience is that it determines in part where the paper cut paper in half.

Put your cuttings and ask the volunteer to take the predictive envelope in his pocket. As another busy viewers saw the envelope in the remove (this pegalihan name or misdirection of attention), hold the bottom of the column pieces in your hand with your right hand. Turn pieces to the column while walking backward toward the volunteers. Do this without being aware of all the volunteers and your audience that you've just turned the newspaper column, back to the correct position.

Give me that piece of newspaper columns to the audience and ask him to read the writings that were there on the left after the news column on the scissors. Or, in other words, he will read writings that are at the bottom of the column.

In the minds of the audience, these words are the words the right to choice, when he asks you to stop a pair of scissors to cut paper. In fact, it is the words that were on the top side when you're holding it backwards.

Ask the audience to read the words aloud. After that, ask him to open the envelope and read predisi.
The result of the same.

Tell your audience, that every man is free to determine the purpose of life, where we will go in life. Therefore determine the purpose of your life from now and make sure that what you choose it is the best choice in your life.
Book of magic, pen dedi

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