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Effects: You are able to make precise predictions of the postcards are divided at random by volunteers
1. Prepare a State of the postcard you want (eg Indonesia). Sell 4 pictures of different tourist objects from your state's name predictions (eg Indonesia you choose, you can buy a postcard of Borobudur, Monument, Lake Toba and Mount Krakatoa). Buying each of 3 sheets of 4 postcards from these different images. Total in your hand is 12 sheets of postcard with 4 types of images, each 3 pieces of each type, from the same country.
2. Prepare all 36 postcards, each from a different country. You now have 48 postcards (12 postcards Indonesia and 36 other countries postcards)
3. Arrange postcards with order:

- 6 The first postcard from another country, a random sequence

- Start the card-7, put the postcards in order odd Indonesia and other countries postcards in even-numbered sequence (the card-7: Indonesia, the 8: other countries, to-9: Indonesia, the 10: other countries, and so on until the end of 48 cards)
4. Make a prediction in a sealed envelope, in accordance with a country that you are prepared (in this case: INDONESIA)

1. Call a spectator climbed onto the platform. Show that you have a stack of postcards from different countries.
2. If you can, do "false cut" to randomize the cards without changing its structure. If you can not directly give them a deck of cards into the audience.
3. Ask the audience to share the card is in the closed position to the table, one by one. Note the number of cards he had to.
4. After the volunteers to share 5 cards, saying that he should stop dividing the card anywhere. Remember, you must still consider carefully the number of cards is divided by the volunteers.
5. If the volunteers stop at odd numbers (eg divide 17 cards on the table) tell he opened his top card for the above table. If the volunteers stop at even numbers (eg he divided the 18 cards on the table) told her to open the top card in his hand.
6. Tell the volunteer tourism object name / picture postcard points gained from the number 5. He also requested to name the country where it originated tourist attraction.
7. Remember that the volunteers choose their own cards. Open to 48 postcards to show that the image on each postcard different. Finally, open your predictions, certainly appropriate.

1. Do not use the state postcard picture predictable as predictions. Use a country like China (with a picture of China Great Wall, Summer Palace, Forbidden City and Temple of Heaven; that would be more unpredictable than the tourist Indonesia)
2. When you show that different postcards to each other, do it in passing. Do not give the volunteers a chance to examine in detail.
3. This is the basic trick. Can be developed with a medium other than postcards.
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