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You like to read your audience's mind by using the media card.

Call for a volunteer to accompany you play.

Tell me, that's playing cards, not the regular card. The symbols on playing cards in the past is a symbol that the use of psychics to worship spirits.

Present a set of your cards (without the Joker). Open the card from the back, saying there is no engineering bawha the card I use, and all different.

We show the cards to the audience, know the cards in order to-9 from the bottom without realizing your audience.

After that, put your cards on the table (not on the beat or whatever). And say. You will use the same way with the paranormal in the past.

Open the first card from the top. I suppose the 5 numbered cards keluar.maka waste 5.

Open again the second card from your deck. I suppose out 2.maka numbered card you must discard the card 8.

Open the card again let out cards ketiga.saya J / Q / K, then you do not need to discard. Because J, Q, and K in the calculated value 10.
(Note: Cards are discarded as can be determined by the formula = 10 - Value of open card)

Finally, open the fourth card, I suppose out of 9 numbered cards, then discard 1 card.

At the time of taking the first card to the fourth card, point is, if you get 5, then you must discard 5 cards in order to be 10. Exit 2, remove the card 8, to be 10. And if the card out 10, J, Q, and K you do not need to discard cards.
Then from the example that I use, you first get the card numbered 5, then 2, then J, and the last 9. Add up the four-digit (in this case 5 +2 +10 +9 = 26)

Open and remove as many as 25 sheets of card. And on the card in the opening 26 but do not put in the hands of your audience. Clasp your hands vigorously and act like you like a magical power which is very strong.
Then specify the card from the last 9, it was the card.

When you mention the card in the hands of the audience, there are many ways that can be used, for example, used to mention the colors, emblems, and numbers. Anyway you kreasikanlah as good as possible.

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