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Card sensing

Effects: You divide the two piles of cards, and handed to a spectator to take the stack down. You hold the pile and then divided in the closed position on the table irregularly. The audience took a card from the pile, and the sensing method you can find a card from the table that when aggregated value and the same symbol adopted by the audience.


1. Put As Curly, 2 Hearts, 4 spade, and 8 Wajik at the top. Memorize the order. To make it easier to memorize to do with the A248 value, and to memorize the abbreviations KHSW emblems.

2. For the two piles of cards. Make sure the stack of cards you are holding aces Curls, 2 Hearts, 4 spade, and 8 Wajik at the top. Tell the audience to take one another pile.

3. If you can shuffle the cards without changing the composition of the top 4 cards, the card kocoklah in your hands.

4. Then, for the card irregularly, in the closed position to the table. Make sure you remember the position of Curly aces, 2 Hearts, 4 spade, and 8 Wajik. to avoid mistakes, put the card in 4 adjacent position.

5. Tell the audience to take a card from the pile. Let him say his cards. Tell them that you will take the same card values and emblems with cards drawn by the audience, of the closed cards on the table (As = 1, Jack = 11, Queen = 12, King = 13) by the method of sensing or clairvoyant.

6. Ignore the other cards on the table except for 4 cards (As Curly, 2 Hearts, 4 spade, and 8 Wajik) that you have remembered this position. For example the card is captured audience hearts 5. Take the Kinky aces, 2 Hearts, and 4 Shovels. Open hearts 2 cards, and say "This card represents the symbol of your card (heart)". Then open the Curly aces and 4 Shovels then say, "These two cards represent the value of your card, which is 4 plus 1 equals 5"

Another example: Suppose that the card is a King Shovels audience. Take a 4 card spade and say "This card represents your card symbols (spades)". Take another ace Curls and 8 of diamonds, open the next 4 card spade and say "this card if the third summed value representing your card (1 +4 +8 = 13, 13 = King)"

Tip: It can be done once at the same audience, unless you change the symbol used as a card key card (eg As Wajik, 2 Shovels, 4 Clubs, 8 Hearts).

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