Minggu, 08 November 2009

I'm Cardician

Effect: The audience can find the previous selected card with the power of his mind ....

1. Ask the spectator to shuffle the deck 1, and then ask him to choose 1 card, view and save a stack of cards above the card (do not be concerned about the audience will forget).
2. Take a pile, then bring the card to the back of your back. happens behind is you turn the top card 1 which had the spectators selected card, let the rest face down.
3. Bring the card to the fore again but careful not to have reversed card appeared the audience (showing the lowest card).
4. Then ask the audience, whether it's your card? while doing this, the card should have been selected audiences can be seen clearly by you (memorize the card).
5. The audience will definitely say NO. bring the card back and turn round choice card so that all the audience had the cards facing the same direction.
6. Move the audience had the option card from the pile top to the bottom pile.
7. Move back 1 card to the top of the heap bottom of the pile so that the audience selected card covered by the card.
8. If you have, then show back on the audience the very bottom of the card and again asked if it was the audience choice card (and the audience NOT to answer the second time).
9. The audience will think that you are wrong, and your tasks Act as if you fail to do this magic trick.
10. Give the audience while asking the card pile. "Please choose your favorite number from 1-9" earned him choose a number more than 1.
11. For example he chose number 3.
Tell him to take the lowest 3 card and place it on the table face-down position (remember remember the card at the beginning of the audience choice was the order of card number 2 from below).
12. For those 3 cards in 3 parts to each 1 card (remember remember the location of the audience choice cards).

13. Let him choose 2 cards
a1) if the card is 2 cards 2 spectators take the card and remove the rest.
a2) between the 2 cards, get the audience to choose 1 card if he chooses the card had been selected to take the card and discard the rest.
b1) If there is no audience dispose of the card 2 card and take the rest, and that's the card we use is the card was selected audience.

14. Do this several times if he chose a number greater than 3, up to 1 card left the spectators chosen card, we use the last card tesebut.
15. Place the last card is on your right hand in a position to face the audience and close down with his left hand, say and believe in the audience if you own this card is selected by your instincts.
16. Also in the audience say that every person has the power of the mind depending on how they use it.
17. Tell the audience closed his eyes and concentration, tell him to remember to remember and imagine what card she chose from the beginning was, to say that the audience can become a CARDICIAN
18. After that send the audience to feel her warm and getting warmer and feel if the card has been changed according to the image had imagined audience.
19. If the card was changed to open the audience's hand and tell him to see the card.
20. Valla ....! It turned out the card the same as what he imagined and he chose was the beginning of the game, with feelings of confusion in his heart he said I'M CARDICIAN Hua ..... ...... Ha ...... Ha Ha ... ...!!!

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