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ace soul

Effect: Magician can find the 4 aces without seeing

1. Prepare 4 pieces U.S. cards with different images

2. Each of our U.S. card cut corners by using a nail clipper, to a different signal for each American.
A. Our spades to the United States cut off the top right corner of the card.
B. For the U.S. we cut the heart right lower corner of the card.
C. For the U.S. we cut the diamond the lower left corner of the card.
D. Our club for the U.S. cut off the upper left corner of the card.

REMEMBER ...! make these signs to a minimum lest the audience know and make my best to correct only the right to know.
Eitz ... do not forget the card's position not to back terbolak / muter and memorize the position and location of each card ... OK ..!


1. Prepare 1 with the U.S. deck of cards has been prepared earlier.

2. Tell the audience to check if the card decks are not prepared then tell him to shuffle the cards (remember! Do is too long).

3. Make sure that the card without the engineering and the audience is shaking.

4. Tell me if I would find the United States 4 pieces of card is in it and mentioned it, so that more dramatic use blindfolds.

5. Remember ..! deck of cards in face down position and also remember the position of each card.

6. Look for Katu the feeling around the corner of the card ... then take dimeja taru in face down position.

7. There are 4 pieces Dimeja U.S. cards in face down position.

8. Once again around around the corner of the card and remember what cards remembered as the cut.

9. With closed eyes call a 1 per 1 U.S. card by closing the discount cards used with the thumb and forefinger so that the audience is unknown.

10. Prlihatkan card and mentioned his U.S. card images to the audience as he closed his eyes and enjoy the applause ...

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