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2 magician takes a card from pile 1 shuffled cards by the audience. He then asked the audience to cut the stack into 2 parts. After the cut, he then turned the card he had taken. Surprisingly, the top card from the pile that had been cut have the same value as the card had taken magician.

First of all shake his cards or give the audience so the audience will not berfikiran that the card has been set.

Tell them that you will take 2 cards from the stack. See the card is facing his own and make sure that you have seen the top card and the bottom.

Take the card is equal to the top card. For example the top card is the 3 clubs then you will take the card 3 Waru. Then take the card of equal value with the lowest card. (Both the card is not shown to the audience)


Now ask the spectator to cut the cards, the way is to take a half or approximately half of the stack of cards. We assume that 1 / 2 stack of cards is called a stack A and 1 / 2 under the card deck of cards is considered by B.

Take a stack of cards B and store the A deck above the rotated 90 degrees so that the sign +. (This technique is called Criss Cross Force.)

Tell the audience that you will mark the position where the audience has been cut pile. By adding a little delay, the audience will forget what you just did.

Then open the 2nd card that you take this and show it to the audience. Then turn the B deck that had been at the top and turn the top card from pile A. It's all right ...

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