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EFFECT: You can memperediksi card numbers on the audience choice
PREPARATION: 1. Make predictions inside the closed yg d contains the number 4

2.Siapkan 6 cards (any card may be as long as the card
have a number)

3.Siapkan jg wrote 3 sealed envelope containing the card in it, we call
Just the envelope A, B, C
-Envelope A contains cards numbered 2 and 2
-Envelope B contains 12 numbered cards and 3
-The envelope containing the card beangka C 6 and 2

4. memorize this formula:
-Envelope A = Added
-Envelope B = SHARED
-Envelope C = MINUS

1a. Call for a volunteer advanced to the stage
2b. give your sealed prediction on the volunteers, and make sure
you do not touch Him again
2b. if you use the cards, as usual give these rules
the sukareawan: As = 1, K = 13, Q = 12, J = `11
3c. told her to choose one envelope from the 3rd-me-your envelope
prepare and have you memorized earlier, saying that with
power of thought I would finish this game mentalism
dgan quick and precise, Act as well as possible.
4d. before the envelope was opened, use the formula number 4 was, for example, had
The volunteers chose envelope B, so tell the volunteers
SHARE figures in the reply envelope B is (currently
envelope was still sealed and volunteers do not yet know the numbers
on the envelope B)

5e. told her to open the envelope, 12: 3 = 4, the results are similar to
Your predictions
6f, open another envelope to prove that the figures are different
different, so that more dramatic SHARE tell he also wrote a number not in
vote, the result would not be 4 (according to the formula +/-/: command /
envelope the audience choice)

NOTE: - do not repeat this trick more than once to the same person,
because over time he will realize and know the tricks
- Do not get your order was reversed, as this will cause a fatal error, eg you inverted the order number to be 3:12 = 0.25, the result is not exactly
- This trick is perfect for berkreatifitas, you can own mengembangkanya with a larger number, etc.,

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