Rabu, 11 November 2009


Description: "Card Forcing" is a method to force the volunteer to take a card that we want. The method we use is "counting" (count). In this method, the volunteers will be forced to take four cards from the top.


1. Give a pack of cards to a spectator. Ask him to ensure that there is no engineering on the card, and asked he shook it.

2. Ask again a pack of cards. Tell me you will throw away two Joker from the deck of cards. As he took the Joker card, see and to remember the value of the top four cards.

3. Tell them that you will make a prediction. Write the value of the top four cards, put them in an envelope.

4. Ask the audience thinking about the numbers 11-20.

5. For the card in your hand with the formula:
Figures mentioned volunteers + 3

Suppose that the volunteers put the number 11. For the 14 cards in the closed position (one by one) to the table. When you reach number 14, pretend that you made a mistake in card dividing by the number of the volunteers mentioned.

5. Ask the volunteers took the pile of cards you have for the above table. Let him share according to the number of cards that he had mentioned earlier (in this case 11) to the table (one by one in the closed position, until he reached the 11th card).

6. Let him open the top card in his deck of cards for. Open all your predictions. It must be the same result.


This is the basic trick. If you understand and can develop, this technique will become the ultimate weapon, especially in a magic show associated with the prediction.

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