Rabu, 11 November 2009

unlucky number

Effects: You can create any number of the volunteers selected to be unlucky number
Preparation: Prepare a forecast that said the number "13"


1. Call for a volunteer (you can use more than a volunteer if it is good at it) and give him a calculator.
2. Let him think of the three-digit number (eg 487)
3. Ask him to type the numbers on the calculator twice (487,487)
4. Ask him to share it with 11 (487487:11 = 44317)
5. Ask him to share it with 7 (44317:7 = 6331)
6. Ask him to share it with the three-digit number that had he thought, the result must be 13 (6331:487 = 13)
7. Meaning Games: misfortune and problems are not avoided. So, the best way to cope is to confront and solve them.

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