Rabu, 11 November 2009


Magician can make predictions with the appropriate
Prepare 10 cards that do not have a picture of his / blank (you can also make them using cardboard cut to your liking).
Prepare also 10 empty envelopes.
Then all the envelopes in the berries no from 1 to 10.
and 1 card from 10 cards available, you write the word "GOD"
After the input of all cards but the card into the envelope the words "GOD", you are no entries in the envelope 6.
Then why was the prediction that read "GOD".

Put all the envelopes on the table.
Then Ask the audience to think of a number, regardless of (eg 13).
Ask him then multiplying by 3 (13x3 = 39)
after that add to 18 (39 +18 = 57)
For the past 3 (57:3 = 19)
After that Reduce the numbers the first time he thought (19-13 = 6)
Surely the result is always 6.

Then tell the audience to open the envelope no 6.
Open your prediction, and the audience will give standing ovation to you.

Meaning the game:
So whatever we choose, all of them will return to the infinite power.
We are trying, god disposes.

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