Rabu, 11 November 2009



1. Call for a volunteer up on stage. Show that you have a color-markers with different colors, and you'll make a prediction what color marker will be taken by the volunteers.

2. On a sheet of paper, write "You will take 500 coins. Fold the paper, then put into the box. Do not let the audience see what you write on the paper.

3. Ask the volunteers pointed any markers on the table. See and remember that color markers (eg red).

4. Tell me, now you'll make a prediction about the number of fingers used the volunteers to take these markers.

5. Write "You will take the color markers TAKEN ACCORDING TO THE VOLUNTEERS earlier" (in this example: YOU WILL TAKE RED markers), fold the paper, put them in boxes.

6. Tell the audience to take the marker. Notice how the number of fingers used to hold the markers audience is. To be more certain, confirm to the audience about the number of fingers that he uses (eg 4 fingers)

7. Tell me, now you have 3 pieces of different coins, the coin 100, 200, and 500. You'll make a prediction of coins which will be chosen by the volunteers.

8. Write on a piece of paper "you will take the marker with the" x "fingers". "X" is the number of fingers that had used the volunteers to take a marker (in this case, your prediction will read "YOU WILL BE TAKEN BY 4 FINGER markers). Fold the paper, and put into boxes.

9. Now, use the "manipulation of the basic tricks of the mind" (click on the link for more details), forced viewers to take 500 coins. Let him choose one coin. If he chose the coin 500, say that the coin he chose. If he chose the coin 200 or 100, say you will throw the coin, so there are 2 coins left. In essence, make the volunteers took 500 coins.

10. Remember that the volunteer had to determine their own choice, and you have to make predictions without engineering. Remove the paper from the box predictions, open one by one, and must have all three right.

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