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Some time ago in The Master Season 1 Joe Sandy was never shown the ability to memorize the super-sequence memory card 52 by the method of "Mnemonic". The term is also very popular among the Mentalist, scientists, and even students.

Do Mnemonic That?

Mnemonic comes from the Greek, "Mnemosyne", which means Goddess of Memory. What is meant Mnemonic is memorize something with "assistance". The assistance can be abbreviated, postulate with objects, or "linking" (remember things based on relationships with one another), and many other methods. Mnemonic examples of the most popular is "MEJIKUHIBINIU" (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet) which is used to memorize the colors of the rainbow.

Here are examples of magic tricks that use tricks Mnemonic
Still remember the appearance of Denny Darko memorize 30 digits and summing audience choice?!. Did he use a photographic memory (memorizing pictures) or by other tricks??.

When I meditated on the Toilet 7 days 7 malem (hehe..)
This directly from Denny Darko lho!!
This is a Magic tricks that use our memory. Ie how to change the order of these numbers into a word. Suppose the number into the following letter:

1 = T, D
2 = N
3 = M
4 = R
5 = L
6 = J, G (ex: engine), Ch, Sh, Zh, Z
7 = K, G (ex: good), C, Q
8 = F, V
9 = P, B
0 = S, Z

How, for example there is a number 34713720, the first for each 2 digits.
so, 34-71-37-20, and then make kata2 of numbers by way of the above.

Let 34 =
71 = KiTa
37 = Eating
20 = Rice

Well so we can read LET EAT RICE. This trick takes practice berkali2 to quickly determine kata2nya. Hopefully useful!!.

Mnemonic also includes one magic with a high difficulty level. You have lots of practice to master this trick perfectly.


Ok, this is one of the most brilliant show of Joe Sandy. In essence, he made 4x4 box, which when added together:
-In Vertical
-The horizontal
-The diagonal
-4 Numbers on each corner
Numbers in the middle -4
Will produce the same numbers.

The following formula (again, I do not know whether in his show at The Master Joe Sandy tricks, or actually use the power of the mind):

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