Senin, 18 Januari 2010

Come up with Money Through Air

Magic tricks are more Renowned called MONEY MACHINE or Money Machine. Among the senior magicians often played this trick. I reply myself prefer to call it by Changing the air so that more serem Money. Or Bring Money With Empty Hands. Just okey.

How to Play This Magic Tricks:

Magician shows that his hands are empty and not empty holds okay. To prove the magician pulled his sleeve in turn.

After the magician to unite both by hand and the motion to read something to give a more impressive effect. Suddenly the paper money came from 20 thousands by hand there are about 6 pieces.

The secret of this magic trick:

While doing this game, use long sleeves that can suit. Prepare some bills that have you roll and place in the back of the elbow. Kalo is now living in the agility to distract you.
The moment you show your bare left hand, right hand to take the roll of money you have you provided in the back of the back of your left elbow. Then you integrate your palms to give efect you're getting ready. And do a little movement to give an impressive effect, but do not overdo it. Generate
the money with your technique, be-rubbing, rubbing his hands permeable or the other.

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