Rabu, 11 November 2009


Effects: You can create a sum that made by others in accordance with the number you want.

Create a paper with numbers written predikisi "6"


1. Tell me that in some countries, there was a feared figure. This figure greatly feared because it is always pursuing the human race, whenever and wherever.

2. Tell them that you will try to prove that fact. Ask the audience to think of a number, whatever, but suggest to choose a small number to more easily counted. (eg 13)

3. Ask him to multiply 3-digit (13x3 = 39)

4. Add 18 (39 +18 = 57)

5. For 3 (57:3 = 19)

6. Subtract the first number he was thinking (19-13 = 6)

7. Surely the result is always 6. Open and predictions show that you have previously made.

- The key was on point number 4. Whatever numbers you add, would result a third of that number.

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