Senin, 09 November 2009


Effect: If you played yesterday with magical of "9? now is the "10,001?. You as a magician can make a prediction of the 4-digit number (free) multiplied by 10,001.

Preparation: Make a prediction of a 4-digit written audience (eg 4765 means your prediction 4765.4765)


1. 1 person you are calling for volunteers to play with you. Tell them that now is not magic but you 9 magically. Now we play the magic 10,001, do not believe it liad aja ...

2. You tell the audience to write 4-digit number (eg 5974) you make a prediction of the outcome 59,745,974.

3. Ask him to multiply with the magical 10,001.

4. Simultaneously you say that nothing is impossible to figure who is not a multiple of 9. MAGIC! It must be the same.


Try playing with the tempo fast and do not play 1x again. If the audience is not aware of any somewhat 4-digit multiplied by 10,001 results ABCABC!


Be the same number eg 4468 etc..
The basis of this game is actually the product 1 as 1 x 47 = 47 but added only 1 behind 0000 and the results are appropriate multiples of its 0-4747 x 10,001 = 47,474,747 class Just like multiplication - 1 elementary school children 1 x1 = 1
Hopefully Helpful!

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